Why Developers Become Frustrated And Companies Can’t Find Talent


@chrisholland. So here’s what people don’t get:

  1. You can build things faster with high quality. It just takes “Skill”.

  2. Engineers with the right experience and training can, and do. Note that I said “right” experience and training. I didn’t say “Senior Engineer with 20 years of experience”. Because years of experience don’t necessarily translate to skill-level. I’ve seen a few engineers with 3 years of experience, which happened under the right type of coaching and growth path, design and build better systems faster than some 10 or 20 year-experienced devs. Which is why I prefer to refer to “Highly-Skilled” vs “Under-Skilled”.

  3. Under-skilled Engineers might build things cheaper, but rarely faster

  4. One highly-skilled engineer may ship a product faster than 3 under-skilled engineers. So you might save money there.

在 Slack 频道里,接下来的 @qcoding 说的有些悲哀

15 years ago when I was first discovering XP, I gave a talk at work about “Iterative Development”. The feedback from management (at that time) was, “That doesn’t seem feasible.” But a few older developers came up to me afterwards. They said, “That’s how we work. But because management recognizes people who hack hard & fast to fix problems, we’re never recognized for never creating the problems in the first place.